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Be able to delete folders for saved templates Merged

Be able to delete folders for saved templates to keep a clean CRM/better organization

  • Guest
  • Jul 8 2020
  • Planned
  • Chris Davis commented
    13 Jan, 2021 02:57am

    I've got 3 folders with the same name; being able to delete or merge them would be great!

  • Stephanie De La Rocha commented
    6 Oct, 2020 11:26pm

    Definitely need this. My team shared the same folder twice with me and so it shows up twice. I never know which one is the correct one.

  • Justin Gazabat commented
    29 Sep, 2020 12:10am

    It Would Be helpful to Delete Folders Created in Error. It's too easy to create folders with similar names, and when getting started creating Campaings I made a few folders that actually are not used.
    Because they have similar names to the ones I want to keep, I run the risk of assigning the incorect or Empty campaign to contacts.
    It would be much easier to delete these unused/ unwanted folders.

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