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Spouse and/or Secondary Email being Included on Campaign

I have MANY couples who are clients and when I set them up on campaign only one gets the email. I do not prefer to have two separate profiles for essentially one buyer just so they both receive the email. Most couples will say that they BOTH want to be included on all correspondence. Please consider fixing this so to help us agents keep all parties informed and reducing how many contact profiles we have. Thank you!

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  • Jun 15 2020
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  • Kim Hullett commented
    6 Feb, 2023 06:05pm

    This is and continues to be the most major flaw (and likely a deal breaker for all real estate agents), and they are uninterested in fixing it. Currently shopping around for another company that understands relationship-based real estate. I just sent out my first custom -designed digital newsletter and have created gorgeous email drip campaigns. After hours of work, my designer and I realized that the spouses DID NOT GET IT. Totally unacceptable.

  • Kim Hullett commented
    6 Feb, 2023 04:41pm

    unfortunately, the solution of "contact relationships" for including a partner or spouse is unworkable, unwieldy, cumbersome and really lacking in understanding of how most real estate transactions involve TWO clients that need to both be contacted and searched upon. And having to change TWO statuses, change TWO addresses when they close and move, and having to change and update all features and special fields like house anniversary on BOTH contacts is just plain wasteful and defeats the entire purpose of having a CRM for relationships.

    Also, I was using contact relationships as "friends" or maybe the lender that referred me or this client now I can either email/text ALL which means I'm not only texting the spouses, I have to text them, their lender, and who referred them. And so now I would have to abandon my creative and thoughtful use of contact relationships because I don't want to text ALL or ONE, I want to text the two people who are my clients. Sadly, customer support was unresponsive, a little dead behind the eyes and unhelpful in the most passive now after hours of work and wasted money, I am back in the market for a company and a CRM product that truly understands the relationship based real estate business I am trying to build.

  • Lynise Smith commented
    21 Sep, 2020 07:31pm

    This is very much needed!!

  • Guest commented
    26 Jul, 2020 04:28pm

    It is unimaginable that this is not a feature already included in LionDesk. Please let us know when this will be included. Thank you!

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