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Communications from the Contact Detail page

From the new contact details page when you click on the email contact button or the SMS contact button at the top of the record it takes you to the email or texting center instead of providing a pop up as before. Now we have to type in or search for the records information again before sending a message. This adds an unnecessary step and becomes time-consuming. As I may still be working in the contacts record but now I have to re-search for and open the contact's detail page after sending each message.


Having the button pre-fill the contact's email or text number in a pop-up format (as before) so we can quickly send a message and go back to updating or working in that contacts record would be great.  Also in this V2 being able to text or email the spouses would be an exceptional feature. This is sorely lacking in LD.  As it stands right now adding in the spouse's name, email, phone, birthday is completely non-actionable. What good is it having a phone number in the spouse field if I can't use it through the system?

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  • Jun 17 2019
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  • Melaine Anderson commented
    17 Jun, 2019 07:43pm

    I found that if you click the icon next to the phone/email address (in the Contact Information section) then it populates.  but yes, it should be at the top as well

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