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Ability to Create Customized Category Dropdown within a Contact for Custom Fields

When creating custom fields, they pile up under "Custom Fields" at the bottom of the contact page. They can be arranged in different orders but they cannot be grouped.

Please add ability to create my own grouping or custom Category Dropdown to organize the custom fields I create.

Please add the ability to associate (drag drop or otherwise) custom fields to other existing dropdown categories...similar to what the favorites fields function does.

EXAMPLE 1 - if I create custom fields for buyer search criterion (beds, baths, sqft, cities, budget, etc). I'd like to simply nestle those in a dropdown category I create like "Buyer Search Criterion."

EXAMPLE 2 - If I need to create an additional custom field like website, I'd like the option to insert that field along with the other existing "Contact Information" dropdown.

The Favorites customization is great, but it isn't needed for everything to show up at the header.

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  • May 9 2020
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  • Andy Horn commented
    11 Dec, 2020 07:03pm

    Having the ability to sort my custom fields will make the LionDesk contact management system above all others. I would really like to have this feature. Thank you for receiving our feedback.

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