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Gifs and Memes to Text and Email

Texting has quickly become the leading method of communication for our society. I text everyone from Clients to Grandparents and I use Gifs, Memes, Photos and Video on a daily basis. Gifs and Memes solicit a massive response because it conveys an emotion that the reader can see and watch instead of reading words with little to no context behind it

I believe it would be truly beneficial to embed Gifs and Memes to Texting and Email Campaigns and Templates.

Examples of Simple Touch Points with Gifs and Memes:


May The 4th Be With You


Saint Patty's Day

New Year



Every major holiday has a Gif or a Meme behind it. With the ability to do hundreds of simple touch points on a large scale all throughout the year automatically, the conversion rate would have to increase.

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  • May 1 2020
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  • jack wisdon commented
    4 Jul 05:33am

    Mostly windows users can access the here sync settings windows 10 this is the use full way for all information to access easily.

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