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Video upload size

Is there anything in the works to increase video size across emails and texts? I just shot a video on my iPhone XR. It was only 13 seconds and is just under 40MB. I see the max through Lion Desk is 500kb for text and 16mb for email. If you're using an iPhone there is no way to get the file under 500kb...even if it was 16mb it'd still have to be like a 5 second video which is nothing.

Video is going to be a critical part of real estate moving into the next decade, those that can be leaders in this space will excel past those who are just doing boring texts/emails. I'd like to be able to do this all through the LD platform and not have to look elsewhere for that portion of my followup.

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  • Apr 30 2020
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  • May 6, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi Andy, if you use the LD app for your video texting, it'll automatically compress it. For the video Emails, there is a 95MB maximum on the upload process in the new LionDesk.

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