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Change the way one creates Contact Lists

Currently you create lists from the Marketing pane. This is extremely counter-intuitive because every other aspect of LionDesk that is customized is done in Settings, whereas the Marketing pane is about creating content such as emails and texts. Lists are not content, they are an organization tool, so it doesn't seem to make sense to put it in a section of LionDesk devoted to creating content. It runs counter to the logic and workflow used elsewhere in LionDesk. Creating Contact Lists should be added to the Settings section.

Additionally, you should be able to create a List directly from the options when adding/creating a Contact, just as is the case for Tags. When you are adding a contact and adding tags to it, if the tag doesn't exist, you've given the option to create that tag. The same should be true with Lists. When adding that contact to a list, you should be able to type in a list name and, if it doesn't exist, you should have the option to create it directly from the contact.

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  • Mar 25 2020
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