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when emailing a lead, it is RUDE to not include the spouse. RUDE!

I just learned that you don't have a short code for including the spouse in lead records for which there is a spouse. For example, I can do this as a salutation in the subject line of an email but it's only 1/2 the job

"hi {{firstname}}",

There needs to be a short code to include the spouse. And if there is no spouse your program needs to be smart enough to leave it out. The short code should look like this...

{{and spousefirstname}} then what would be insert by LionDesk is this "and Janet" note the word and must be insert. So my subject line in whole, would like this ...

"hi {{firstname}} {{and spousefirstname}},

and result in

hi Mark and Jane,

and if there were no spouse, when using this in a campaign template subject line...

"hi {{firstname}} {{and spousefirstname}}, it would look like...

Hi Mark,


Sort of weird that you guys didn't think of this

  • George Fotion
  • Mar 13 2020
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