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Necessary changes for functionality

1) In Transactions, we need the ability to apply more than one plan (IE a new listing starts out with a Listing Plan, but then needs an Under Agreement, and then a SOLD plan attached to it)

2) Also very important to be remedied quickly - on the Home Page, when logging in to do Tasks (tasks associated with Transactions) it does NOT show the Transaction Name, so it is impossible to differentiate which property it is required for. Even the contact name is not showing (there is a header for contact but no info is showing/populating)

3) Also enable us to set a Date (manually entered) as the starting point or preceding activity for a new task ( IE manually enter finance date 4/20/20 and then a new task “obtain finance commitment” could be entered as 0 days before/after Finance date)

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  • Mar 4 2020
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    9 Nov, 2022 09:06am

    I think the necessary change to the functionality on the Home page, when logged in to perform the Task is necessary. I used it and it doesn't show the Transaction Name, so can't distinguish which attribute is required. run 3

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