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Under: "LionDesk Content" - add option for day of the week and month.

For example, on an email I want my subject to be: "Happy Friday!" or "Wow, can you believe it's already June?"

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  • Jun 14 2019
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  • Jason Weller commented
    5 Aug, 2019 08:21pm

    I am looking to create a custom field to use in an email template. I would like it to add the "day" of the week, such as Happy {{currentdayname}}, or enjoy your {{currentdayname}}. If this is already available, let me know, I am not seeing it in the custom fields.

    I also want the ability to make these a little different, such as, have a great ((dayoftheweek}} or {{fundayoftheweek}}, creating my own custom variables. So if it is Tuesday, I can say, have a great {{fundayoftheweek}} and it would type out, "Have a great Taco Tuesday!" or whatever I would like.

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