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OPTION NEEDED: Campaigns Don't Send On Weekends or Holidays

it's almost embarrassing when your text campaign fires on Sunday AM or some Holiday....  Many CRMS have this built in... please add

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  • Feb 3 2020
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    22 May, 2020 03:10pm

    Who wants to use a campaign that could send a text message on Christmas or Easter or Sunday etc, when you obviously aren't working.... OR don't want to see a reply from the customer and then are forced to work....(at least respond) This is a very important feature.. not sure why it's not there. This is one of the reasons I haven't signed up with Liondesk yet. I use text campaigns all the time on another platform that has this feature. Liondesk has lots of other features that I prefer over what I'm using now, but need this in place before switching because text campaigns are central to my business

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    18 May, 2020 06:33pm

    I just had someone respond to a text message... asking me why I'm working on Sunday morning.... It was part of a campaign... it looks VERY unprofessional to send texts that auto fire and makes me sound like I'm working when I'm not. What if this happened on Christmas???

    This is an important feature, I can't believe it's not there already. I use other CRMS with some marketing platforms that I pay for and they all offer this feature.

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    24 Feb, 2020 08:02pm

    YES - Do this please! 

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    3 Feb, 2020 05:50pm

    I Second this VERY much needed.  It would be great if you could at least stop text messages from auto-sending 365 days per year... Add an option to not send on Saturday and or Sunday and holidays. 

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