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Share contact lists for Team Members & Sub-account to followup

Contact lists/buckets and tags need to be shared with sub-admins and team members. Currently, contact sources and types are shareable. If I assign a contact to a team member, they need to be able to sort by the list/bucket, especially since the list is the only way to add reminder follow-ups after a certain time. The team member has to be able to see who is a current, future, etc. 

  • zain hartman
  • Dec 27 2019
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  • zain hartman commented
    28 Dec, 2019 12:03am

    To follow up my prior comment, lists/buckets and tags I add are viewable by other team members, when looking at the individual contact. Therefore, they are integrated in some capacity and only need the sharing function between team members/sub-admins so they can also filter and add/remove to the same list(s).

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