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YLOPO//Mouse Scrolling in CAT

  • Create a Ylopo Stars Button in an Easier to Access Place: There are two competing CRM’s in this space that have a clear and visible spot where their Ylopo Stars link is visible near where their contact information is, allowing us to be able to log directly into the contact’s Ylopo interactions directly from an easy to find button. Currently we have top search the contact activity timeline area to find their “Stars Link”, and it is often difficuly to scroll back to find it.
  • Mouse Scrolling Inside of Contact Activity Timeline and Other Windows: When I am searching a contacts activity, with most websites, if the mouse is inside a window on a website, when I scroll the content within the window scrolls independently of the page itself.  Unfortunately, inside LionDesk, I have to ‘mouse grab’ the scroll bar on the right side of the window to move up and down inside that window, since when I hold the mouse over the interested window, when I scroll, the ENTIRE PAGE scrolls along with the content within the window
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  • Dec 20 2019
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