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All Paid Features Are Made Available

Finding that I'm in need of occasionally reaching out to support and then advised it's been forwarded to the "billing" dept to turn on features that I should have had access to. All paid features should be in sync with the account once any issues have been resolved.

Been with LionDesk for many years and although exciting features have rolled out over the course of my being a client and "life happens" (sometimes often) to us your clients - still it's been paid. Typically a Thursday or a Friday when able to focus on expanding and utilizing paid features, I'll find out that it hasn't been made available to me and I have to wait till the following week to have access. ie Landing pages, Dialer etc.

My Premier account has been paid with no issue now for 45 days and yet Landing pages that I wanted to utilize last week (requested support) is still not avaiable to me as of Monday 7:30 am central time. Last mo it was my contact's I didn't have access to, yet past due billing was paid in full with a subsequent month billing paid - advised I had to pay a reinstatement fee of $$$? which was reduced to $50 which I'm grateful it wasn't higher but still.

Judgement can be made to clients and thinking maybe they should wait. I'm not asking for something that I haven't paid for. Time is money in the Sales arena and my Premier account is in good standing as well as being a long time client.

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  • Aug 28 2023
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