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The new version 2 is Carpal tunnel waiting to happen. You must click on every little thing you need to do or look at/there's no overview. The bulk email, is sad (see below) Also, I worked 85% from the calendar...that benefit is gone. You cannot get a good feeling or overview of the work required at any specific time, you have to click everywhere!!! NOT a fan of this version 2.

I create a task by using "E" for email or "C" for call. If I have 6 people that I have marked "E" to email and am in the “task” left bar panel, it does not give me an option to do a bulk email. If I go to the 'contacts' left bar panel, I can bulk, but how do I know that there are certain people I need to email "E"? There's no description field, yet the description is a part of the “create task’ tab in the “create new task” tab. If you’re going to ‘describe’ a task, you should be able to see what action you’re describing.

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  • Mar 14 2023
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