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Stop with the REDUNDANT opt out/opt in messages

If a customer is getting a text from a LionDesk phone number associated with my account, then ONE opt out message should suffice.

However, the customer gets a LENGTHY one when an auto-response is generated from an imported lead, which can bury the introductory text that the the user sends out.

If the customer responds, ANOTHER opt out email goes out if I reply through the desktop version of LionDesk.

Even if I have already begun communicating with the customer via the desktop version, regardless of how long we've been in communication, ANOTHER ONE goes out if I should opt to text them from the app.


Auto-responders/text drips are supposed to look like an organic response to the customer's inquiry. LionDesk's REDUNDANT and LENGTHY opt out notices are exactly the opposite.

I understand the need to send an initial opt out notice, but ONE IS ENOUGH.

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  • Mar 2 2023
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