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Text Marketing/ Campaigns

If i am sending out a mass text message as a marketing strategy i hate the fact that i have to com home and sign into my lion desk in order to message back. It's like im back in 1999. I should be able to just text them back. Not recieve twelve messages that have mixed amounts of "Stop" Messages and "Who?" messages. Also, Why do we need to mix in the legal Jargon like that? Its like getting a donut with a Huge Boogger on it. Terrible. How about somthing shorter and minimal at the end instead of the begining. People dont even read my message because they found out they can opt out before knowing who it even is. My friends just replied stop because its telling you 'I AM A ROBOT' and they dont need that shit. Did anyone think about this? PLUSSS> I had to watch a video, and the entire thing at that, to figure out how to even send this mass message to all of my contacts. That is stupid. Maybe I am an idiot. But i feel like it should have been obvious and easy to click of text marketing, Mass message, fill in the blanks, send. Instead i had to go to campaigns aand templates and contacts and all sorts of crap. Why does it need to be so complicated? Templates are great, but just leave the option to save as a template, dont make me go to my templates to create one. What if i want a one time go at something, I need to have it saved forever? I dont know. Maybe I am crazy but this was my first campaign on liondesk and the hastle and failure i felt when going through th eprocess just all felt unneccessary. Hoping for the best For this platform. Thank you.

  • Lauren Howard
  • Oct 26 2022
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  • Lauren Howard commented
    26 Oct, 2022 08:25pm

    How about, Use MY PHONE NUMBER as well. Like WTF. If someone knows me that act like i have been hacked. And If someone says stop this thing better be keeping track of thats shit concidering it MADE everyone i texted say Stop with the giant 'I MAY BE A SCAM' paragraph before my text. SO dissapointed with how UNNATURAL this messaging Campaign was. Like seriously, if you recieved a text from a friend at work and its from some goofy number and you have there number saved, are you going to think, " This must be exactly who it says it is concidering i already have their number and this isnt it" No they ar elike SCAM/DELETE. Plus if i havent talked to a contact in years or what ever. They DEFINITELY think its a scam because of the CLEAR automation. MAKE IT NATURAL. Otherwise whats the damn point.

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