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Add Drip Campaign tasks for "Add Tag" and "Remove Tag" Merged

The reality when it comes to online marketing is that we need to be advancing our clients through a sales process. Right now, I have to manually setup a reminder via email or text when a client reaches the end of a lead cultivation process so I remember to move the client to a new campaign.


If we can trigger on tags, then having the ability to add a Drip Campaign task for "Add Tag" (and, to keep things clean, "Remove Tag"), would allow me to automatically send clients into another campaign without my manual intervention.


I just went through old leads and added them to a campaign (343 leads)... and I had to add an email reminder to myself to move those leads to another campaign. That's 343 manual changes that I need to complete. Ugh.


Because I couldn't tag them automatically, I have no way to identify which 343 people any other way... and because I couldn't tag them automatically, I have no way to move them to a new campaign... or to just tag them differently.


The ability to add/remove tags at the end of a campaign would be INCREDIBLY useful and add a hell of a lot of power to LionDesk.

  • Guest
  • Oct 9 2019
  • olive wisdon commented
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  • Guest commented
    2 May, 2020 11:32pm

    YES! Seriously...tagged based triggers would dynamically make this a next level platform for the conversion side of the client follow up. Automation is phenomenal, yet the ability for it to dynamically adapt and perhaps trigger based on embedded email/text/video surveys that can apply or remove indicated tags to associate or move those contacts to different campaigns. Would be huge. Like the point a current renter who is on a drip determines in communication that they are interested in being a buyer...trigger to a new process.

  • Daniel Andrade commented
    16 Feb, 2020 05:24pm

    I like this to trigger the next campaign from the old campaign

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