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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit LD-I-661 We need to be able to email main contact and spouse easily .

Add back the "Add Spouse Email" Merged

You used to be able to add in the spouse email by clicking the drop down - easy!  However now that is not there and when you search for the spouse's email it does not come up because they are not their own contact card.  So it makes it very difficult to add in a spouse which mostly when working with clients we want to include both in many correspondences.  

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  • Oct 3 2019
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    3 Mar, 2020 09:34pm

    I want to email both the spouse and the main contact without having them be a separate contact. I have all of my couples contacts as one contact from V1 it worked perfectly. Now I cannot event email the spouses without making a separate contact which will take hours/days for me to do with all my contacts. please bring back.

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