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Do you want to know whether can you bring hairspray on a plane ?

can you bring hairspray on a plane ?

Aerosols are permitted in carry-on luggage with the TSA, but the containers need to be no more than 3.4 ounces (100ml) and fit in your liquids bag. If you are bringing a larger bottle of hairspray, make sure it is 18 ounces (16 fluid ounces) or smaller and pack it in your checked luggage. Additionally, keep in mind that the maximum weight for all aerosols, including hairspray, that you may transport in checked luggage is 70 ounces (68 fluid ounces). Spraying your hair spray at your seat could actually cause harm to someone because some people can be extremely sensitive to chemicals.

  • alice beth
  • Oct 3 2022
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