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Search by TAGS

Users should be able to search by tags on the search bar.  Currently we have to go to marketing, then to lists, then choose a list/folder and see the contacts in the single list.  It would save so much time to be able to search on the main search bar by a tag.  For instance: searching contacts for tags with "TENANT" and then all "TENANT" tagged contacts appear.  That would be so helpful, time consuming and less aggravating to search for something that was intentionally tagged to find fast.  Another example would be a search for a tag entitiled: "HANDYMAN",  "AGENT", "HOME INSPECTOR"....etc

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  • Sep 30 2019
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    3 Nov, 2021 12:06am

    I previously put my sphere in LionDesk version 1and tagged it COI, along with past clients, and more, now I cannot search by tag, I have to go through them one by one. It would definitely be nice if we could search a tag and all of them pop up just like LionDesk V1

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    Steven Lopez commented
    23 Apr, 2020 07:08pm

    Hey Lions,

    You can create Saved Contact Filters to search for specific tabs quicker. These filters can also be displayed on the dashboard and with just a few click you can email and text your contacts. I added an online help article below to show you how to create these filters.

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