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How to write a leadership essay

After going through about half a dozen posts on writing a leadership essay, one stood out to me. It was an article by with practical tips on college and high school essay writing. I found two pieces particularly useful. The first is to not focus on one personality. While it is embarrassing, I've never thought to compare two or more people in a leadership essay. It should be a compelling story because of the diversity of their approaches and traits. It's worth the effort, even though it can make research and initial decisions a bit more challenging. Interviews are the second tip that I love. I'm going to look for first-person, as well as third-person accounts from the people I select. This will give me enough information to work with. How to Write a Leadership Article with a Particular Focus on Outstanding People of Salvador also contained some technical tips like how to use a cloud based text processor or using quotes as a hook in the introduction. I won't spoil it all, but there are many useful tips and information within the article.

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  • Sep 24 2022
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