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[!] IMPORTANT: within Create Task - PLEASE add a disclosure of anything that will be Sent/SEEN by the Client.

When I went to "Create Task", it does not warn me that the comments or the notes section will be sent/shared with the client!

Btw, a CMR is meant to aid the agent with tasks. Why would I use this to create tasks for prospects that I'm trying to convert into a warm lead??

How EMBARRASSING for my clients to see that I "Created a Task" that said: Find any reason to text or call them on a weekly basis to keep them from working with anyone else and keep them warm." Then Set on a Recurring schedule.

I consider myself a prudent user and a tech-savvy agent, and if its unclear to me, then I'm certain its happening to many agents. You need to FIX this ASAP and add a disclosure that prompts Agents of this much-needed heads up! It is absolutely 100% unclear. There should be a separate "Task Creator" if an agent really wants to task their prospects to do something. There should be a separate distinct "Task Creator" if the agent is trying to create a task reminder for *themselves as the agent.

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  • Aug 12 2022
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