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Should be able to schedule Campaign on SPECIFIC DATES!!! Merged

When I scheduled my 2022 Drip Campaign, I literally had to be a mathematician to calculate the scheduled days throughout the year. This action was VERY time consuming. Also, if I want to assign the 2022 drip campaign to a lead at a time different of year other than the initial launch date, the lead will not receive the emails on the original scheduled days.

I should be able to add a lead to my CRM at any time of year and they should receive the campaign emails from that date forward.

  • Guest
  • Mar 15 2022
  • Planned
  • Guest commented
    22 Mar 06:00pm

    this is absolutely a must you are behind the times. i am already in the process of finding another crm because this is a need for any realtor why have you not already added this feature. i can delay by day and minutes but not set a certain date..... Jesus get with it

  • Fran Lucci commented
    21 Mar 09:52pm

    Totally agree with this idea.

  • Guest commented
    18 Mar 07:56pm


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