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Listing Activity Report For Sellers Listings

My current CRM currently lets us create a report that links a activity note to multiple listings so we can send our clients “sellers” a report with each contact we have spoken to about their listing and a paragraph of what we have told them and status of their interest. We currently have our listings as groups… then tag the client history note to each group “listing” and then run history reports by group…. We can make 1 note and link multiple listings “groups” to that note. If I could find another CRM that does this I would be interested in changing!! We really want to change but can’t find another CRM that offers reports like this. We send our sellers activity report at the 3 week mark and discuss how we think the listing is going. Sometimes we suggest a price decrease based on the feedback we are getting and having a small note on everyone we have contacted really helps!! We sell land and have over 100 listings so our CRM has to have this type of report. We feel stuck with our out dated CRM because it is the only one that offers this custom report…. Please add this feature to your CRM and we would be a customer. We have used our current CRM since 1993…. We know it is time for a change but this report is really important to how we give our clients a status update on their listing…. The key is linking multiple listings to one note under the contact. When the note is specifically to that listing we obviously only tag only that one listing but the initial contact we normally send multiple listings and then narrow it down later. If you would like me to send you and example of our listing activity report I would be happy to!! Please help us change CRMs!! Lol

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  • Jan 19 2022
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