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Text campaign to multiple numbers under one contact

Some leads will come from a simple skip trace of a property address, in this case that one property could have anywhere between 1-50 phone numbers attached to the address. To save users time from having to validate which number is directly tied to the owner of the subject property, there should be a feature that would allow us to input as many mobile phone numbers as possible, increasing our results of reaching the property owner.

Currently, users are limited to how many mobile phone numbers we can send a text campaign too under one contact.

Users will benefit by: Being able to increase success rate of their text campaign reaching a home owner, especially if the subject property has 10+ associated mobile phone numbers.

This would be extremely beneficial for real estate investors who reverse look up their home deals.

Scenario example: If you reversed look up a property that was used as a rental, it becomes extremely difficult to identify which phone number is directly tied to the actual home owner, as every renters phone number will also populate among the property owners phone numbers. This can reflect a skip trace (reverse look up) of over 10+ mobile phone numbers.

Furthermore: when inputting a CSV file of more than 1 contact, the mapping needs to include as many mobile phone number fields as well.

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  • Jan 10 2022
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