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develop an inbox-like display for the texts

Could you please develop an inbox-like display for the texts? What you currently have is simply loading the most recent texts. You have to click Load More to get to the older conversations.

However, I would like to be able to clear the conversations that I have dealt with. If I have dealt with a conversation I would like to remove them from the inbox so I don't have to see it again. Here is a related problem: If I have a text that I would like to refer back to, it is often buried by unwanted texts. It wastes A LOT of my time trying to find that particular conversation and I bet it wastes a lot of your system resources trying to load all these unnecessary conversations. But if you have an inbox display feature then I will be able to see the most important texts and get rid of those that I have dealt with. I know it will save a lot of my time and free up the load on your end.


Harrison Chow

  • mariana garcia
  • Jan 7 2022
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