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Mirror / auto add / lock fields from Main Account to sub-accounts

As the owner/lead for the main account, I'd like to be able to set the fields (status, tags, etc.) and have them auto populate to all of the sub accounts. I want to be able to control what's added and ensure consistency. I'd like to be able to lock those fields and make me the admin or adding, deleting, etc.

  • Debbie Ogren
  • Dec 13 2021
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  • Admin
    Steven Lopez commented
    23 Dec, 2021 04:25pm

    Hello Lions,

    As an admin, you can set the contact organization across all sub-accounts. You can set hotness levels, contact types, custom contact fields, and lead sources. I added a help article below that will show how:

    If there are other fields that, as an admin, you would like to have control over, please let us know.

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