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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit LD-I-723 Ability to text and email both contact and spouse at the same time from one contact record.

keeping couples with different last names as ONE contact with equal communication capabilities for each person Merged

Jane Doe and John Smith are a couple. Maybe they are married, and maybe they aren't, but they are one household unit and want to be treated as a couple.

They both like to look at homes. They both want to know about market updates. They both want to know about area events. They both want to get their own invitation to my client parties. They both want to have their birthday acknowledged. They both want to receive a congratulations on their wedding anniversary (if applicable) . They both want to be congratulated on their home purchase anniversary. And so on. And they want the communications to come to both of them, not just one of them.

When entering their contact information, it should be under one contact, with functioning fields for EACH of them.

FirstName1 for Jane

Last Name1 for Jane

FirstName2 for Joe

LastName2 for Joe

Mobile phone for one of them

Cell/car or some other label for the other's mobile phone, so they can be differentiated. In Outlook, I use "mobile" for the man/primary contact person and "car" for the woman/secondary contact person.

Email1 for one of them

Email 2 for one of them

I recommend to also include a gender field for each person (- OR - be able to create a tag for each of the people in the contact separately (that might be too cumbersome to manage, though - ?). With being able to contact each one separately, too, if the agent is having a woman-centered event, for example, they can sort the women and send just to them without bugging their spouse / significant other.

You should be able to choose to create greetings in communications EITHER directed to both of them together or just to one of them individually.

Also, ALL contacts who are couples - whether they have the same last name or different last name - should have equal communication capabilities for BOTH of the individuals, for all the reasons mentioned.

I am a broker and a Broker-in-Charge with RE/MAX Executive in North Carolina. I use a different CRM which DOES have this capability. I might switch to our free CRM available through RE/MAX. Or I might switch to LionDesk, party because of the video texting capability. I just signed up for your free 30-day trial late yesterday afternoon. My number, if you want to call is 704-493-3929

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  • Aug 11 2021
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