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Contact response recordation

Why does the system not automarically record the emails generated and responses received to those emails as events or "actions"? As I understand it, every time I send out an email. I have to then go in and record it as an actioon. And if the recipient responds to that email, I have to go in again and manually record it as an associated action. So if I send out 100 emails and get 50 responses, I have to manually enter 150 actions? Tha's alot of manual work that I would think could be automated.

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  • Aug 9 2021
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    Steven Lopez commented
    16 Aug, 2021 07:24pm

    Hello Jonathan,

    Have you connected your email account with LionDesk?

    By connecting your email account, you will see all your responses appear in LionDesk. I believe this is the solution you were looking for. But if it is not, can you provide some more details of what you would like to see in LionDesk. I added a help article below that will show you how to connect your email account:

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