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Trigger/Schedule next drip campaign step manually as well as time-relatively

TL;DR: Add option to schedule the next email/sms/action step manually. Also add option to schedule the next action relative to the previous action, instead of relative to the original trigger.

A Drip campaign is or can be more than just a sequence of pre-scheduled emails/sms/actions. A good sales workflow includes actions that are based on previously accomplished actions.

Right now, LionDesk only allows me to schedule a full campaign, and, it will simply roll out, no matter what, based on the schedule.

I'm suggesting to add 2 additional Scheduling features.

1) Instead of the email/sms/action happen automatically, turn them into a manual activity. For example, in the drip campaign, Step 3 is to call the Lead. Step 4 is to send an sms that says "I just tried calling you, please give me a call back" and step 5 is an email with some info and a link to schedule a time on my calendar.

If I understood correctly, right now, LionDesk can only send the sms and email (steps 4&5 above) at a pre-scheduled time. But what if I didn't have time to make the phone call yet. The campaign is essentially moving along without me confirming that crucial steps were taken.

So the idea is that a campaign has manual actions to be check marked as completed, and the campaign only moves forward to the next step, if the previous step is completed. If the previous step is automatic, then it just keeps moving, but if it's a manual step (a phone call, a task...), then it will essentially be paused until the important action is completed, and then it continues.

2) For the above to work, the scheduling needs to be relative in nature, not absolute. So each schedule is in relation to the previous task, not in relation to the very first email/sms/task of the campaign.

For example:

step 1 is triggered as soon as the campaign launches

Step 2 is thirty minutes after step 1

step 3 is immediately after step 2 is completed

step 4 is 1 day after step 3 is completed

So if there is a manual task to be done (like a phone call), the next step is only triggered after the previous step was done, and at a pre-determined time frame. For example, after making a phone call and marking that task of the campaign as completed, the drip campaign sends immediately after a text message, or email. Otherwise, those next steps of the drip campaign are on hold.

  • Anderson Schulle
  • Mar 18 2021
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  • Guest commented
    18 Jan 08:02am

    The best article I've ever slime rancher 2 read, wow. I'm proud to have been the fortunate one to locate an article that many people still need to look very hard to find.

  • Teal Heller commented
    18 Mar, 2021 11:07pm

    This is a brilliant suggestion and exactly the same issue I am dealing with!

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