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Add Additional Dates & Tasks to Transaction Management

Your transaction management system won't work for anyone in Massachusetts, including me. We have a 2-step process: Offer and then, about 2 weeks later, Purchase & Sale Agreement. You need to add a task for Purchase & Sale Agreement, and also, a task for Mortgage Commitment.

I was really looking forward to taking advantage of your transaction management system, but it's useless to me right now.

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  • Mar 1 2021
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    Steven Lopez commented
    8 Mar, 2021 04:34pm

    Hello Lions,

    You can customize your Transactions to fit your business needs. With LionDesk, you can add more stages and dates to your Transactions that align with your business. I added a few help article below to show you how:
    How to Customize Transaction Types.

    How to Add Dates.

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