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Upload and call multiple numbers for contacts without directly having to assign it mobile or office for the power dialer

For the Power dialer to truly funtion like a power dialer, you should be able to call multiple numbers from a specific contact. When trying to cold call, you skip trace telephone numbers and many times there will be multiple numbers to call and there will also be double listing such as more than one mobile or home number. When skip tracing a list and cold calling you are dialing through multiple numbers and have no idea what kind of number it actually is until you call it. For the power dialer to function such as any of its competitors even in its simplest form Mojo, you have to be able to upload contacts and not be boxed in to 1 mobile 1 home and office number. You should be able to have more and also be able to call them in order through the power dialer. For this I have to stick with CallTools but I would love to use the powerdialer on liondesk so that I can accurately track all calls inbound and outbound and not have to go back and forth. This will also allow me to text from the numnber that I have with liondesk if a customer does not pick up. This is truly an easy fix.

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  • Feb 14 2021
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