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Transaction Plan of Action

So, I create a transaction. A new listing, or maybe a new buyer rep transaction. As I enter all the information, the system will ask me for dates, dates of closing, inspection, and so on. However, those dates don't exist yet. The only date I enter is the date the transaction has been created and started. Now I want to start a plan. Guess what? I can't! Why? Because support tells me I have to enter all the dates that don't exist yet. How do I start a plan with dates that don't exist yet. How can I in good conscious enter a bunch of dates that will be changed over and over again, duplicating and maybe triplicating my work. The reason I am stating all of this is because I am trying to start a plan for each transaction, whether it's sale or buy side. I can not use the plan tab because it will give me an error due to calendar entries or lack there of. The reason I don't put the dates in the future as it will mess with the analytics for the year on what I am doing and what I am not doing and where the transaction is. Because I am pre entering the dates, there will be nothing for me reflect on what I should be doing.

So what is my idea? I am looking for a change where in the transactions section of the platform, where you start a transaction, and I want to start a "My Seller Plan" the only date required in order to start a "PLAN" is the date where the transaction is created. All other dates is optional and entered at a later date when they actually do occur.

The last thing I want to do is go backwards and figuring out what is active, what has closed, what is pending and what is whatever. Let's get this thing done right! I am hoping to have this resolved as I think this is an issue that can be easily resolved.

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  • Jan 28 2021
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  • guardian stone commented
    14 Nov, 2022 10:01am

    I am trying to establish a plan for each transaction, whether it is on the buy side or the sale side, which is why I am stating all of this. Because of calendar entries or lack thereof, I am unable to use the plan tab because it will give me an error. foodle

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