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Add a "Next Call Date" field that can be automatically set by a campaign to help organize dialing sessions

I'm doing this manually right now, and it would really help to automate it. I'd like to be able to set a campaigns that automatically send e-mails and texts and also automatically schedule calls. For example, if I have a Facebook lead follow-up plan. I'd like to have an initial e-mail go out, an initial text go out, and a call scheduled so that I can easily see who I should call today when I'm setting up a power-dialer session.

  • Caleb Hanson
  • Jan 20 2021
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  • Harley Cooper commented
    19 Nov, 2021 12:19am

    NEXT Button Idea should be merged here.

  • Guest commented
    21 Jan, 2021 03:11pm

    You can set up tasks in your campaigns that will remind you to call your leads after emails and texts

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