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Add number of contact attempts to on contact

This would be helpful due to being able to sort people by the number of contact attempts so that once you reach a certain amount over a certain amount of days they get automatically put into another list. For example: lets say we have a new lead and I want to call them daily. They will appear in my "daily" list until I reach 5 calls over 5 different days. At this point they get moved to a 5 by 5. I call them every 5 days 5 times. After that point they get moved to a buy or die plan of calling every 30 days forever or something like that. If not set up like this where it automatically could move them to another list then at the least if we could see the number of attempts made so far when you first pull up the contact then I can know if I keep calling them or if I need to move them to another list on their own.

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  • Dec 30 2020
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