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I am on a team where our lead source is generating tags when they come into LionDesk, and then are assigned to the agents.  While I am the administrator, I need the other agents to be able to search with the tags they came in with! I am STUNNED there is no way to transfer tags from the Admin account to the other team users.  If the tags don't transfer to the agent assigned, at least allow LionDesk customer service to copy tags from Admin account to other team members' account. I am told the only fix is for me, the admin to cut and past individual tags from my admin account, and send to them to add individually one by one. WHAT?

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  • Jul 10 2019
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  • Melaine Anderson commented
    11 Nov, 2020 05:13pm

    Yes, what Demos says!

  • Demos Papadopoulos commented
    26 Oct, 2020 06:48pm

    How about creating the concept of Global Tags that the admin creates and assigns for everyone to see. Also be able to promote a Local Tag to a Global Tag.

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