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All fields available when creating or editing a contact

Currently, when creating a contact in V1, all the fields are available including lead source, tags, etc.  In V2, it does not appear that that is the case and I have to edit the contact later to add a source or tag.  

Also, in V1, when creating a contact and selecting a source, I cannot add a new source from that page.  That would really be ideal.  If I got a new lead from some new campaign or something, it's a bit tedious to create the contact, then remember I need to go back and create the source then go back to the contact to add it. It appears that that is also the way it is in V2.  

  • Ben Lunsford
  • Jul 9 2019
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  • Demos Papadopoulos commented
    26 Oct, 2020 07:09pm

    I hope someone in DEV is reading the comments below. It's been over a year and I'm not not hopeful for V2.

  • Rick Tibbitts commented
    12 Aug, 2019 06:58am

    All fields are not available for editing in v1. Spouse name and address can't be edited in the edit screen. It would be nice if these were added in so editing of contact information could all be done in one place.

  • Ruben Aguirre commented
    10 Jul, 2019 04:36am

    I’m using V1, V2 is a mess, workflow is a mess, it’s just not going in the right direction. I am willing to bet that if we (all users) were given an open survey, right here for everyone to see on whether we want to stay with the LD1or proceed with LD2...LD2 would be shot down! But the powers that be wouldn’t do that now, would they? Honestly, LD 2 is nothing but a glorified excel sheet. I’m in it until LD1 is killed and LD2 is permanently rolled out. And, rest assured that there are a lot more than just me that are going to jump ship! Bad Move!

  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 06:10pm

    All users want is for every feature to work as they are intended and for the vendor to identify and fix bugs or workflow issues as they surface. They don't want to relearn how to use a product that they've already become proficient in and they don't want to have features removed or made more complex that they rely on.

    I'm absolutely baffled as to why anyone would think that making drastic UI changes that modify workflows to increase steps, clicks, or complexity is a good idea. Just because the infrastructure wasn't scalable is no reason to start from scratch. An MRD should have been used to create the original product based on market feedback from the customer base, then updates to identify areas that need work should be used to make adjustments. Even if the entire infrastructure was rebuilt, that doesn't need to change the front end behavior unless it was to meet requirements to correct an already identified deficiency. 

    It's looking like the broken parts and the clunky parts weren't the focus of the updates and implies that we're in for a whole bunch of new issues both technical and workflow and so far it's hard to see any of this a for the better since what appears to have happened is wholesale change to the product without regard for the users. 

    If workflows are more complex for previously known tasks, or different just for the sake of change, most loyal users will go CRM hunting again to find something that just works rather than something that just keeps changing but leaving a wake of bugs and complexity behind when the dust settles. 


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