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views all of the tasks in total/together

I wanted to suggest a very basic feature implementation that would save ALL of your end users hundreds of keystrokes in a day and lots of time. Our database is over 10k, and be it large or small, under TASK (when looking at a client) we have to manually click "current", "upcoming", and "overdue". The reason why we have to click each is to see if a task was due three days ago that was missed, but another task has come do. Or if the client calls and we assign a task in the future, it may be just a day or two before their next follow up. The counter to the right in a lighter shade says "# Total Task" That's only referring to that specific task and literally not Total Task as it says. We manually click. Please remedy this. We either need a true "Total Task" count or a default "ALL TASK" tag to see what's been missed, what's current, what's upcoming, and also what's been completed. This will benefit all users in time and keystroked.

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  • Oct 28 2020
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