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Add the ability to add an associated party to a contacts profile

In V2 of liondesk there is not the ability to add a "associated party" into the contact's profile like there is in the original version. This is extremely important for us to be able to quickly bounce to a associated party while in a contact's profile. 

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  • Jul 2 2019
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    LionDesk Product Team commented
    14 Jun, 2022 10:02pm

    Great news! We just released Contact Linking in LionDesk

  • Daniel Di Matteo commented
    25 Sep, 2020 06:07pm

    Need this feature on V2

  • Rogelio Rodriguez commented
    24 Aug, 2020 08:22pm

    Would have thought this was automatically added by August 2020. A major reason I use the original version.

  • Steven Huhta commented
    10 Jul, 2020 11:00pm

    Yes this is an important feature. I dont want to be going back and forth

  • Guest commented
    15 May, 2020 02:50pm

    Help, I really need to have associated parties. It is a valuable tool and surprised more people are not using it. Please add!

  • Guest commented
    11 Nov, 2019 09:31pm

    I have individual contact pages for spouses and roommates.  I was sorting everyone through the associated party tab...  It’s pretty annoying that this is not in V2.  Please bring it back AND add the ability to sort the associated party so I can tag them “Roommate” “Spouse” “Lender” Landlord” ect

  • Guest commented
    5 Aug, 2019 08:15pm

    You have the feature already and it is frustrating not to see it in the new version.

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