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Bulk Transfer Data such as Activity, Custom Fields, Phone #

This is a big issue if you ever need to change how information is arranged on your contacts in LionDesk, on a large scale. You basically can't unless you go 1 by 1 by 1 by 1. This is a HUGE problem if you have 1,000-5,000 contacts!

When a brand new company starts using LionDesk, they don't know ALL the types of information they will need to track forever, all on Day 1. They will likely want to track new data or existing data in a slightly different way. The "Custom Fields" can be a GREAT way to do this. However, to transfer any data (within the same contact) from 1 section to another must be done 1 single contact at a time.

The ability to Bulk Transfer or Copy/Paste information from 1 Data Field, Into another Data Field within the same LionDesk contact would be IMMENSELY useful. Likewise, the ability to Bulk Transfer or Copy/Paste information between separate LionDesk contact's data fields would be equally as useful.

Why do companies need this feature?

  • They decide information fits better in a different "field" after they have used the program a while

  • You have duplicate data for multiple contacts who are all participating in the same transaction. You may have 3 buyers, 2 Salespersons, a Closing Agent, etc. To put the SAME note on all 6 people is extremely time consuming.

  • The ability to export the .csv files for records and data transfer omits many fields. However, it DOES include custom fields. Therefore the omitted data could be put into a custom field to be exported. This allows the user to make Excel charts, graphs, and data tracking actually useful!

  • Companies have systems and procedures that change over time. Thus, the data they need to track must be changed. This feature would allow them to "go back" and change data on groups of past client's information on a larger scale.

  • There are MANY more uses not listed!!!

Our Example: For our contacts, we created a separate "Custom Field" for some specific notes on transaction details we wish to monitor.

We had previously been putting those notes on transactions in the "Activity" section. However, now we realize we would really like to keep the activities about the client separate from the notes we need. It can get quite cluttered, even with pinning.

The ONLY fix right now is to 1 by 1, go into all 2,000+ leads and copy and paste the notes over, from the "Activity" section into our new "Custom Field"

WOW, talk about time consuming. ANY way to bulk transfer data within the same contact, and to other contacts would be SO helpful.

Thank you developer team!

  • Devon Peiffer
  • Oct 9 2020
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