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Add a Photo of your contact (manually)!

Can you Please, please, please give us the ability to add a photo to our contact. My goal is not to have 10,000 contacts in my database and have my CRM only show the photo of social media profiles of those who have them, and be limited to that.

But rather my goal is to have a database of 500+ contacts of people who I know and sometimes we can forget a face but with the ability to add a photo we have on our phones or by some other means we can more easily attach a name to the face. Every other CRM I have ever used allowed us to do this as one of the very first input fields.

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  • Jun 27 2019
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    26 May, 2020 11:39pm


    As Realtors we have hundreds if not thousands of people in our contacts. Would you remember them all? It helps Immensely when we can have photos on our contacts so we can see who we are speaking to. PLEASE

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