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Auto populate a lead from a click on a Facebook Ad

I am using Ad Portal and unless someone fills out the form I do not get to add them to my database. Both Facebook and I had Ylopo for awhile, will do this by default. My support stated that Liondesk does not... is there plans for this?

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  • Sep 11 2020
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    20 Oct, 2020 09:04pm

    Ever since I saw this I have tried to email back in. Support at Liondesk is telling me NO this does not happen automatically. That the lead has to fill it out and if it already exists of course I do not get the information emailed to me which makes sense, but I am also advertising to look alike audiences and LIONDESK SUPPORT KEEPS TELLING ME THAT IT DOESN'T EXIST PLEASE DOES THIS EXIST IN THE AD PORTAL OR NOT! and if it does can we let support know?

  • Guest commented
    12 Oct, 2020 07:05pm

    Is this new? I asked Sallie and she had me post to Liondesk. If that is true I had NO click throughs on both my ads?

  • Admin
    Steven Lopez commented
    12 Oct, 2020 07:03pm

    Hello Lions,

    The ad forms will auto-populate with the contact's Facebook info. The contacts will have the ability to modify any information that the form had captured.

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