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We NEED better Analytics, Reports, Data tracking, Comparisons, Graphs, etc.

TLDR: See Attached Photos for examples of what a CRM with good analytics can track - It's Eye opening.

I love LionDesk for it's set of features it does well. But one area it fails hard are it's reports.

NOTE: Liondesk ALREADY has the proper data in their system to produce these reports. It doesn't require any new fields or inputs from the user. It only requires a way to capture this data and present it in an easy-to-understand format.

We would like the ability to see real time, live data such as percentages, comparative statistics, per-user data. Pie graphs, bar graphs. This data is SO important for understanding where our money is being best invested.

Examples of the types of data Reports, Analytics and Graphs should answer. Number of contacts this month who changed status from "looking" to "buyer". What are our best performing contact sources so far in 2020? Comparing ROI on two contact sources over time... During which "phase" of the buying process are contacts losing interest?

SIDE NOTE: Reports should absolutely be able to track/report on manually entered leads! Not only directly imported leads from Facebook/Zillow/Zapier

  • Devon Peiffer
  • Aug 28 2020
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  • Anderson Schulle commented
    11 Mar, 2021 01:55am

    Agreed. Most of my leads are manually entered and there are zero reports on those.

    From a business perspective, one cannot improve what one doesn't measure. And LionDesk doesn't provide meaningful reporting options.

    Devon's images with suggested metrics are great. I'd add to those some specific reports/data on Leads and agent's performance. Simple high level metrics like:

    % converted (to see how conversion rate of leads is going)

    # of touches (to track how many calls, emails, sms were sent, and correlate that to performance and conversion

    % made contact (to see if there are a bunch of leads that weren't contacted at all

    time it took for first action/response (there is a direct correlation between conversion and how fast was acted upon the lead, tracking this allows for performance improvements)

    I'm surprised this doesn't have any votes. I see some other suggestions about reporting as well. Maybe we can get some traction on this, assuming other people also believe this is important.

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