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Create separate contact lists for "COMPANIES" or "CLIENTS" instead of clumping everyone into "CONTACTS"

I understand that we can filter down to find people who work for XYZ Company. However it is clunky to have ALL types of contacts stuffed into one master list.

Why not have

List A: CONTACTS (just like it is now)

List B: COMPANIES or ASSOCIATES (people who you work/interact with professionally but NOT as a client)

List C: CLIENTS or DEALS (people who are clients that you are working with in an ongoing or Follow-up relationship and no longer in a prospecting/sales relationship with)

As a CRM, not everyone we interact with is the "same". If there are 3 different contact lists, we could have the most important information or "Favorite Information" customized for each group of people. This way we see the information that is most important for that specific group.

When we look up a Realtor, the info we need to get is often different than when we look up a Lead or a Client/Homeowner.

  • Devon Peiffer
  • Aug 27 2020
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